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April Week One

As we are all continuing to stay safe and being obedient in our gathering together as a church, and have moved to online experience only, we wanted to make sure that our JKidZ stay in tune to our Bible Story Series

This month our series will be on “HUMILITY” 

Theme: “Upside Down-Jesus Changes Everything”


Humility isn’t easy. If we’re honest, WE want to be the first in line. WE want that last piece of cake or last cookie. When something good happens, WE want the credit.


Let’s face it, it’s a “me first” kind of world. But when Jesus came, He turned that kind of thinking Upside Down….especially when He died on the cross for us. Jesus changed everything and still does today! He gave us the perfect example of Humility—putting others first by giving up what you think you deserve.

Memory Verse

We start off the month in Matthew 26:36-56. Jesus had been with His disciples at a special Passover meal where He demonstrated service and humility as He washed their feet. Afterwards, Jesus lead them to the garden to watch and pray. Jesus gave us an important lesson in humility as He prays to His Father, “Not my will, but Your will.” Jesus was soon arrested and put on trial to humbly face the darkest moments of His life. 

Bottom Line: Put others first. As we look at some of Jesus’ last interactions with His closest followers, we pray to understand the importance of putting others first. This isn’t always our initial response, but when we choose to show humility and put others first, we get to point others to Jesus.


To add visual understanding to the Bible Story, let’s take time to watch the following videos. 


We’re also introducing a couple of new Worship videos, so be sure to jump up and join in on learning the motions! 


REMINDER: Other resources to tune into this month’s Bible Story-: go to Studio252.tv and/or download Parent Cue app

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