Our mission is to introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him.

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Lesson Video

Let's Sing a Song!

Activity Time!

Play with leaves from the yard. Examine with a magnifying glass, if possible.
Talk with children how leaves were important in the Palm Sunday Bible Story. People loved Jesus and were so excited to see Him.

Have a party to celebrate how special Jesus is. Let children make decorations, set the table, etc. Talk about how Jesus wants to be their friend forever.

Use large leaves from the yard or make your own out of paper. Attach them to a ruler, paper towel tube, yard stick, wrapping paper tube, etc. Lay coats on the floor. Explain to children how the crowds lined up and celebrated Jesus coming to town.

Have children use Barbies, Soldiers, Little People or any characters they might have to ride on stuffed animals. Draw a path or use tape for them to follow. Talk about how Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.