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J O I N  U S  O N

The First Sunday of the Month

If you have been coming to Journey, enjoy the services, and would like to know more about the church and our ministry, then the Next Steps class is your 'next step'.


This class is required in order to become a Partner at Journey and serve on our ministry teams. It is designed to be interactive and is small enough for discussion and questions, so as to help you transition from only attending services at Journey to becoming a part of Journey's mission:


To introduce people to Jesus and help them follow Him.


The class is divided into two parts: and is available to all adults on the first (part 1) and third (part 2) Sunday of each month during the 10:45am service. Our youth ministry also offers this class periodically for all Middle and High School students who do not attend with their family.


An inside look at Journey's vision and values as well as its leadership structure. We also discuss the basics of what we believe, and the habits needed to grow as a Christ-follower. 


Third Sunday of  every month at  10:45am

Looks at God's plan and purpose for every believer, and how it can be accomplished as a Partner at Journey Church. This class involves:

  • a spiritual gift assessment with descriptions and development instructions 

  • a description of each ministry team at Journey and an opportunity to choose which ones might be right for you

  • a plan of action for each new partner that includes, a personal connection with the coach, and application/orientation to the team and a trial period to see if it's the best fit

  • a partner covenant that solidifies the commitment between Journey Church and its Partners

We believe that each one of us needs to be actively involved in service to God through His Church. 

First Sunday of  every month at  10:45am

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